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About McManus McCabe

McManus McCabe is an Irish accountancy firm founded by Adrian McManus and Teresa McCabe, bringing a combined 50 years of experience. At McManus McCabe, we offer a wealth of professional expertise, providing compliance and financial advice to companies of all sizes, as well as for personal clients. We recognise that every client is unique, and tailor cost-effective solutions to your unique requirements.

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Connecting With Our Clients

Every client is unique and our cost-effective solutions are tailored to your requirements and goals


From preparing your annual financial statements, keeping you compliant with legislation, to more complex accounting services, McManus McCabe has the experience and resources to support you with all of your accounting needs. 

Audit & Compliance

From providing statutory audits and internal audits, to more advisory audit and compliance services, McManus McCabe has over 50 years of experience in auditing and compliance regulations in Ireland. 

Tax & Private Client

From keeping track of federal and state tax laws to doing the paperwork, keeping your taxes under control can be a challenge. Our team at McManus McCabe can help you, whether you are a sole trader, small company, or large corporation. 

Corporate Services

From resolving corporate disputes and supporting corporate transactions, to offering advice for personal debts and investigations, McManus McCabe can support you with a range of corporate services. 

Business Solutions

From providing advisory services and growth solutions, to managing complex HR policies, McManus McCabe has the experience and resources to support your company with a completely bespoke and confidential business solution. 

Small Business & Start-Ups

At McManus McCabe, we’ve helped many new/small businesses to establish themselves as a success. This might be new to you and we can guide you through each and every step of the process.

With a combined 50 years in the profession, we offer a wealth of experience and expertise.

Our aim is to provide high quality services tailored specifically to each client’s needs

Benefits of McManus McCabe Services

Step 1

Real-time, valuable insight into your business

We get under the bonnet to understand your business. Only then can we design measurement techniques for you to know when your business is not performing.

Step 2

More control over your numbers

The foundation of good financial management is robust accounting processes. At McManus McCabe, we ensure these processes are effective.

Step 3

Better decision making


At McManus McCabe, we ensure your internal control systems are effective to allow you make better informed decisions more efficiently.

Step 4

We value our relationship with you


We know that your finances are personal. For that reason, we pride ourselves on developing personal relationships with our clients and being accessible. We are proactive in offering ideas and solutions, with your future in mind.



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