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Forensic Accounting

Financial incidents can happen to us all whether it is personally or through a company. When incidents and disputes can often have legal or regulatory consequences, which is when an official investigation is required. Investigations of any disputes should be comprehensive and independent, which is where our forensic accounting services can become valuable. 

Our experienced team of specialist accountants will support you through all stages of corporate or personal investigations.

Forensic Accounting Ireland

We combine investigative accounting with financial analysis to understand the whole case. Using the data we gather and analyse, we can help to settle disputes fairly and discretely. 

Our team of specialist accountants are based in Ireland. We will work with you in a professional and confidential manner. We offer forensic accounting services including:

  • Forensic Accounting for corporate disputes
  • Forensic Accounting for personal disputes
  • Forensic Accounting for losses or fraud
  • Litigation Support
  • Independent Expert Witness 
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

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