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SME’s & Sole Traders & Covid -19

You Are Not Alone! 

In the fight for financial survival during Covid-19, we are helping many SME’s & Sole Traders build and execute business plans. At this time, most planning is about making the remaining months of 2020 the best they can be with a strong focus on how Covid -19 funding can support cash-flow, credit and growth.  

On your behalf, we have learned everything you need to know about the Government Funding Structure for Covid-19. We also  look-out for any other funding as it is important our clients avail of Government funding whenever it is made available.  

ESRI Business Forecasts 2021.

Your business planning has a greater emphasis and is even more relevant now based on some positive forecasting heard on RTE’s Morning Ireland on October 8th last. Their business reporter Adam Maguire said: there could be a strong economic recovery next year, according to the ESRI, as long as more severe Covid-19 restrictions are avoided and a Brexit deal is agreed. Under those conditions, the Institute is predicting growth of 6.3%, however, it said that rate would be roughly halved if there is no Brexit trade deal.”   

SourceMorning Ireland Business Update.    

We must trust our politicians to get Brexit sorted and manage Covid-19. While they are getting on with that, we strongly recommend investing some quality time into how to make the best use of Government funding initiatives for businesses during Covid-19.. 

Covid-19 Government Support.   

We have noted the Government is committed to unprecedented and financial support to businesses affected by Covid-19. This was evidenced by Leo Varadkar, when talking to Ellie Donnelly of, in August when he said: “I’d like people to see this [grant] as part of a wider package, there are other supports as well, for example: the wage subsidy scheme, the VAT cut, the rates holiday for six months, it’s a really big package for business. We are open to doing more, but that is a matter for the budget in October.

Source: Leo Varadkar Covid-19 Support

List of Types of Covid – 19 & Government Funding Available:

Loans, Grants, Vuchers, Schemes.Income SupportRates Waivers & Tax Measures.Sector Specific Supports.Mentoring & Training.
Step 1. Initial Call. 
Identify your type of business, sector and status regarding any Covid-19 Funding already applied for or that could be applied for now.
Step 2.Meeting. (Zoom / One to One) to discuss preparation of or updating of an existing business plan to help build the business picture required for Covid-19 Funding. (Approved templates available.)
Step 3.Update existing business plan or create a new plan.Application for Funding
Complete all appropriate applications and submit before any deadlines. 
Step 4.Plan Review. Identify key performance indicators in the plan. Decide how to track results.
Step 5. Keep In Touch. With a focus on achieving what’s in the plan. Use of funding if application successful. 

 Last But Definitely Not Least.

Our starting point is the belief that our work on your behalf is unique and tailored to your business needs. This means we help you create a business plan that is realistic and based on what you decide is achievable and believable. Our expertise also includes advice and guidance on tax returns. This is now becoming even more important because of Government waivers and measures relating to Covid-19.

If you would like to read more about how our expertise can help you survive Covid-19 and be in position to thrive at the earliest opportunity please click on McManus McCabe Services. As you will see we bring significant experience and expertise to our objective of helping clients achieve sustainable and incremental growth, revenue and profitability. 

We understand the challenges facing your business and when you work with us and get the benefit of our teamwork, you know you are not alone.

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