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Secretarial Services Outsourcing

We are pleased to announce the launch of Mancab Secretarial. This new service means you can outsource elements of corporate governance to help you find more time to review performance data and focus on business results.

Company Secretary & the Law.

The Companies Act 2014, commenced on 1 June 2015 and retains the requirement for a company secretary. Principally, the company secretary ensures the company complies with company law, maintains certain statutory registers and makes the necessary filings with the Registrar of Companies such as annual returns, financial statements and certain forms with respect to changes to share capital etc.

Various tasks, completed by the Company Secretary under the heading of secretarial services, are typically completed once a year and must meet non-discretionary deadlines. As such, they are important but peripheral to the business as they do not add direct value to results. On that basis, outsourcing these time consuming elements of corporate governance to Mancab Secretarial is worthy of some consideration.  


When meeting with clients to discuss secretarial services, we look to reach a conclusion on whether to outsource or not based on the tasks to be completed and a review of the answers to the five questions below.

Mancab Secretarial Services
– Company Incorporations
– Named Secretary Service
– Annual Compliance
– Restructuring
– Share Allotments
– Share For Share Exchanges
– Strike Off Process Start To Finish
– Registered Office Service
– Ensuring Information is Current
– Advice On Secretarial Matters    
Check the answers to the 5 questions to assess if the tasks listed for Mancab Secretarial Services can and should be considered for outsourcing.Answers
1Do these tasks require a highly specialised set of skills?Yes 
2Do these tasks contribute directly to what you provide to your clients? No
3Are tasks to be completed, important, urgent and on tight deadlines.Yes 
4Does completing these tasks lead to future growth opportunities? No
5Can competitors imitate the completion of this task.Yes 

Checkpoint Assessment

The answers indicate that outsourcing of secretarial services is a reasonable conclusion based on the assessment below.

The completion of the secretarial tasks require a specific skill set which is usually an accredited qualification.Completion of the tasks does not contribute in any way  to the products or services customers expect.Meeting the strict legal and revenue deadlines can be a burden on employees who complete other tasks as well as secretarial services..The completion of the secretarial tasks does not provide opportunities for future growth in the business..Completing them is not unique or proprietary as competitors have to complete the same or similar tasks.


When these secretarial tasks are not outsourced, valuable resources may be diverted from the company’s main offering just to keep a peripheral percentage of their operation running smoothly. Eliminating this burden by delegating secretarial services to qualified outside talent allows a company to enhance their focus on the business-critical tasks that make them competitive.  


When a company decides to outsource peripheral, annual and repetitive manual tasks, such as secretarial services, they can apply the time saved not doing those tasks elsewhere and into functions that are value-added, including planning, operations and finance.


Outsourcing secretarial services only become the best business decision when the outsourcing partner has the qualifications, skills, and your confidence in their commitment to get it right first time, every time.

Mancab Secretarial
is committed to achieving the highest standards of work and look to build a partnership based on confidence, trust, and integrity. We are ready, willing, and able to help optimise your leadership time by outsourcing secretarial services.

Covid – 19.

It is a fact that Covid – 19 has nearly eliminated the thinking that physical colocation of resources is necessary to develop a trusting and productive relationship in the workplace. This is predicted to lead to an increase in outsourcing. 

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